Things Right-Wingers (Inexplicably) Hate

Things Right-Wingers (Inexplicably) Hate

The Cassandra Files

There are many things that the modern Right-Wing appears to hate. In fact, aside from Mom, apple pie, and jingoistic Americana, we should all best consider ourselves ‘on notice’. (Although you uppity women, gays without the decency to stay in the closet, and various ‘others’ had best be extra careful.)

But there are some things that have somehow gained traction in the right-wing world; things that are universally held in disdain among those who are “right-thinking”.  I can’t even attempt to explain why these things aggrieve them so, all I can do is document it:

  • The never-gets-old nonsense over Obama’s use of a teleprompter. (Debunked.)
  • The endless outrage over Obama’s return of a Winston Churchill bust that the UK had loaned to the Bush administration. (Debunked.)
  • The sheer hatred of the Chevy Volt, and anyone who might drive one. (Debunked — by Fox News, no less.)
  • The indignation over Michelle Obama’s effort…

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About Daniel J Leach Jr

I started blogging to get to the truth and heart of the matter. I like others, just want to know the Truth and to be Free to speak with others who are like minded. This blog and organization is for myself and others to Network together to find peaceable Solutions!
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