Is The United States The Cause Of Arab Spring?

looking beyond borders

Many Arabs believe that the Arab Spring is a Western, and more specifically an American, plan since the days of former US Secretary of StateHenry Kissinger to divide the Middle East into smaller rival nations to breed discord and plunder their wealth. Some subscribe to the theory that recent events in Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria point to a calculated plot to destroy Arab and Islamic countries and wipe out their rich heritage and history. The truth is that these theories generate self-loathing, suffering and pain, and, if they become firm convictions in the Arab mind, will invariably lead to the destruction of the Arab people.

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I started blogging to get to the truth and heart of the matter. I like others, just want to know the Truth and to be Free to speak with others who are like minded. This blog and organization is for myself and others to Network together to find peaceable Solutions!
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