China may impose economic sanctions on Japan

WW111 is on the Rise China may impose economic sanctions on Japan

China Daily Mail

According to reports today by both Singtao Daily and SCMP, the dispute over Diaoyu Islands may severely damage the economic ties between China and Japan.

SCMP says: “Jin Baisong, a researcher with the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Co-operation under the Ministry of Commerce, told the China News Agency that Beijing might impose formal economic sanctions on Japan.

“‘Economic sanctions would make the Japanese government understand that it must pay a steep price for its provocations at the Diaoyu Islands,’ he said.”

Singtao further quotes Jin’s words that economic and trade antagonism will certainly do harm to both countries due to the close economic reliance between the two countries, but China can better sustain the damages than Japan as Japan’s economy relies heavily on China. As soon as China begins its economic sanctions, there will be an economic crisis in Japan.

Singtao says that Jin Baisong…

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